Unique Two-Tier Investor Affiliate Network Pays You Back

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Let’s face it, there are hundreds, if not thousands of affiliate networks and schemes out there. And every once in a while, the planets align, the angels sing and something really special is born. In this case, the aligning planets were a decades-old, super-profitable offline business and the internet.

Enter Chris Bell. He’s been actively buying all sorts of quality used merchandise offline and then reselling it at profit margins into the thousands of percentage points for the last 20 years. Imagine having the inside connections (and cash flow) that allows you to locate and buy entire households full of furniture for pennies on the dollar. Or even entire hotels worth… Then imagine having the warehouse space and other infrastructure - including showrooms - to store, display and sell massive amounts of this furniture and other merchandise. Then, set up an online store that displays and sells your merchandise so you have both an offline and online presence.

Now, if that’s all you did, I think you can see how you’d make tons of money. And that’s what Chris Bell has done quite well for a long time. But what if you conceived of an idea for a way to radically expand your venture by inviting "investor affiliates" to join you? What is an investor affiliate? Well, aside from not having anything to do with traditional stock and bond type investment programs, investor affiliates differ from traditional affiliates in the following ways:

1. They can join the program for free and are then able to invest a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $500 towards the purchase of merchandise.

2. They receive 10% of the profits from sold merchandise bought with money from their account, PLUS their investment money back.

3. They also receive an additional 10% monthly distribution from profits attained by funding from their account.

4. They also receive 5% of the sales of merchandise from all affiliates they refer to the program (second tier).

So, hopefully the key differences between standard and investor affiliates are clear enough. Investor affiliates essentially can make money two ways.The first is by investing into the network and letting their capital go to work for them - passively and automatically. The second is by referring other investor affiliates who join and invest. The referrer gets rewarded with 5% of the profits generated from sales of merchandise funded with the referral’s account.

Here’s a theoretical example from their site:

a. We buy an item for $10.00 and sell it for $100.00.

b. Your initial $10.00 + 10% of the $90 profit is returned to your account for reinvestment ($19).

c. 10% of the profit is added to your monthly payout ($9).

d. 5% of the profit is sent to your designated charity - optional ($4.50).

e. 5% of the profit goes to the person who referred you $4.50).

Just so we’re clear, at the present time, the most they will use from your account for any one purchase is $10, like the example shows. But they can use multiple $10 amounts from your account to fund the purchase of multiple items/packages. So, without you doing a thing, your money is multiplying and growing at a rate better than any bank and virtually any other type of investment can pay. And if you want to ramp things up quite a bit, simply make sure your "bank" is topped off with a full $500 investment and then get busy referring others to the program. That way, you can use their money passively too, rather than just your own - at 5% per referred affiliate. And that’s just smart business! I think what I like most about this program is that everyone wins - the folks who are selling the furniture and merchandise to Chris and his company, the investor affiliates, their referrals, the end buyers of this still heavily discounted property, and of course, the network itself.

Recently, in wanting to expand his online business, Chris took on a Vice President. The new VP is a long-time successful internet marketer named David Cheyne. And with David on board, the internet aspect of Chris’ business, as well as the whole unique investor affiliate program being offered, is taking off like gangbusters. Most people who have been online for a while have been confronted with offer after offer, only to find that most of them just don’t live up to the hype - in one way or another. They require lots of time, marketing or technical expertise, more money for adjunct services and often, further investment in the "advanced" package, that tells "the rest of the story". And when you consider how much money the average wannabe internet marketer spends on ebooks, courses, software and services, usually to get a negligible return on investment, a program like this is a real breath of fresh air. Instead of spending $77 or $97 over and over again on theoretical or rehashed junk, a single $100 investment and telling a few people about it can continue to grow and pay - PASSIVELY - for years and years!

Of the hundreds of programs I’ve seen, been a member of or heard about, this one is hands down the MOST UNIQUE, MOST PASSIVE and MOST PROFITABLE, when measured against the others for ease of use, monetary investment, time and tech skills required. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I joined and invested. And I’ve seen my money grow from $250 to over $300 in a couple of months(during the site’s development phase, mind you). Just try getting that kind of return from your checking account… Needless to say, if you’re tired of all the speculative crap out there, this should really get your entrepreneurial juices flowing!

Listen, this isn’t a pie-in-the-sky program that is going to make you rich overnight. But it IS an amazing way to compound your investment into your future. How many passive income streams do you have right now? How many do you want? This program is the only one I know of that REALLY and TRULY pays you, the investor affiliates back, consistently, passively, beautifully… I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Take A Look At Marketing The Unselfish Way

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Recently I joined a membership site unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before and figured you’d like to know about it. This site has so much to offer, I’ve been a member for a few months now and still haven’t seen everything. Here’s what I’m talking about:

* Hundreds of new MRR and PLR products (and not all the same stuff you are assaulted with every day)

* Paid access to at least 30 other membership sites (I lost count). These are NOT a bunch of those “Butterfly” sites that let you in for free and either give you part of the product and try to upsell you on the rest or try to monetize with a one-time offer.

* Many more membership sites are to be added in the near future.

* Several new products added every other day. You can preview the entire “vault” before you decide and see what’s been recently added.

* At least $1,700 worth of stuff is added each month like clockwork, increasing monthly.

* Major discounts on products that must be sold and can’t be included for free in a membership site - like 1 measly buck for most of them. Example: Liz Tomey and John Hostler’s Automatic Adsense Blog Builder Software (retail price: $97) AND Google Adwords Advertising Made Easy ebook (retail price: $27) - for one dollar for the pair. Or how about that new Peel-Away Ads software? You can get that for one dollar through this membership, too. There are currently DOZENS of those deals in here. I’m talking about a gig of stuff for chump change.

* Recently added - generous full-featured hosting account included with your membership. You can host three (3) domains on his lightening-fast servers.

* Recently added - Your own personal JV Manager 2 Fantasos account where you can manage your entire business from within this one, Unselfish Membership. Do you grasp the value of just this alone? If not, check out what John Delavera is asking for his Fantasos software - currently $2,997 (and what it does). But the best part of this membership is…

* Members are asked to request specific products and memberships to be added to the collection. This is HUGE.

Have you bought any resale or private label rights stuff lately? Ebooks, software, access to membership sites? What if you could request that someone else buy it for you? Would that appeal to you? It certainly did me. And when I logged in to the site for the first time, I quickly realized I had previously spent a bunch of money on stuff he had already bought for the members. I imagine it will happen to you too…

Oh well, can’t get that cash back, but from now on I’ll be saving mega-bucks on that stuff. Nice.Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. This is BIG: If you are new to all this marketing stuff and don’t have your own site yet, this membership allows you to sell their (your) products for a 90% commission, using THEIR site. How Unselfish is that?

Finally, the thing you’ve been wondering about since you started reading: “How much is it going to cost me?” The monthly membership fee recently capped-out… Yes, more than 600 members have already joined - on the way to a max of 1,000. So, it’s just $47 a month - which is a major steal. But as the membership continues to grow, The Unselfish Marketer’s buying power ALSO increases, while your monthly fees don’t. When it hits full membership, you’ll be getting $5,200 worth of great products - EVERY MONTH - for your meager membership fee. Ok, you probably want to go check it out now, so I’ll shut up and sign-off.