I Completed The Simpleology Blogging Course

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The holidays kinda got in the way of me posting a follow-up message about the blogging course Mark Joyner is offering for free. But yesterday I went through the entire course and I want to let you know what I thought of it. First of all, it’s actually one of the "elective" modules within the Simpleology site. Hopefully you’re familiar with Simpleology. If not, you’re probably very new to the IM world. And that’s perfectly alright if you are. Welcome.

Since I brought it up, here’s a quick overview of what Simpleology is. It’s essentially a series of courses that teach you how to get what you want out of life. All areas of your life - simply. And that’s the basis of it all - simplicity. In fact, the first module, Simpleology 101 (which is completely FREE, by the way) is entitled: "The Simple Science Of Getting What You Want". It’s a set of tools that teach you how to manage yourself better. The better you manage yourself, the more productive you’ll be. It may look like a time management course on the surface, but let’s face it, NO ONE CAN MANAGE TIME! So, it’s a SELF management course and well worth your time.

The next two modules - Simpleology 102 and Simpleology 103 - deal with the Simple Science of Money and the Simple Science of Personal Energy. They come with a price tag, but are not unreasonably priced for the life-changing material you receive. Anyway, I highly recommend you take the free Simpleology 101 course. Now on to the Simpleology Blogging Course review:

• It’s a series of 16 videos (the 1st is an intro) coupled with brief review quizzes that help to "set" the material in your mind.

• Each video is short - the longest one is six minutes and twelve seconds long. The majority are less than five minutes.

• I watched all the videos and took all the quizzes in about an hour.

• The videos are narrated by Mark Joyner himself and are full of descriptive cartoon figures that help the material be visually interpreted/recognized and sink in.

• The course is perfect for new to intermediate level bloggers, but I believe experienced bloggers will also find a few valuable tidbits as well. And if you’ve been blogging for a while, this course will at least be a good refresher and possibly a reminder of some of the things you should be doing, but aren’t.

• It covers everything from what a blog is and why they are so powerful, to choosing a theme, how to write posts, monitization techniques, how to drive traffic, etc.

• It also includes downloadable PDFs - the Blogging Virtuosity ebook and Memory Joggers as well as bonus interviews with some serious bloggers like: Jason Cain, Joel Comm, Lynn Terry and Priya Shah.

• Additional bonus PDFs include: "How To Create Interesting Titles", "How To Overcome Writer’s Block" and "Which Blog Software Is Right For You?".

• It doesn’t teach you about configuration or plugins and the like, since this is a generic blogging course and there are a bunch of blogging platforms out there.

• Finally, the entire course is included on downloadable MP3 audio files you can upload to your MP3 player and take with you.

All in all, a killer course and mess of bonuses for nothing but a blog post. To summarize: If you have a blog and don’t know every thing there is to know about blogging (I doubt anyone does), this free course will be of value to you.

Playboy’s Predatory Practices

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I had to take the time to record something that happened to me yesterday. I just couldn’t let this one go… Here’s the story: About a year or so ago I decided to take Playboy up on an excellent offer and subscribe to their magazine. I mean, hey, I’m a red-blooded American boy. Besides, the stories are good, right? Ok, so the year passes and my subscription comes to an end. But well before that - and as expected - I was frequently offered various renewal options. I simply chose to ignore them, having decided that I really didn’t need any more distractions in my already way-under-productive-for-my-abilities life.

Note: At this point I suppose I should mention that I normally subscribe to magazines by sending a check, rather than giving them my credit card info. That way, they can’t automatically charge me if I missed some small print or didn’t uncheck a box, etc. when the renewal comes due. So, yesterday I get a collection notice in the mail! From Playboy - via Sunrise Credit Services. Strange, I don’t remember entering into a continuing business agreement with Playboy (beyond the 1st year’s subscription), so why are they saying I’m "on the hook" to them for more money? It’s a bit comical, because the collection notice starts out with:

When you receive a collection notice…

1. Don’t get angry

2. Communicate with us

3. Let us help

These folks obviously know their business, because the FIRST thing I did when I saw the notice and what it was for is get EXTREMELY ANGRY! The nerve of Playboy coming after me, potentially damaging my excellent credit rating for a debt I didn’t owe on a commitment I didn’t make. Honestly, I always honor my commitments and obligations, so this was a real shocker to me. So, after I settled down from NOT following rule 1, I went for rule 2 and gave them (Sunrise Credit Services) a call.

I got through to a customer service rep relatively quickly and after briefly explaining my plight, she cancelled the action against me and presumably, Playboy’s attempts to bully me into continuing with them. I asked her if this would have any impact on my credit rating and she said "no" without a moment’s hesitation. In fact, the whole process was so easy and she seemed as if she performed this type of transaction hundreds of times a day, the realization of what had just happened hit me - hard! This so-called collection agency is really just an extension of Playboy’s marketing arm. Think about it, how many people do you think would have simply paid the bill - they provided THREE ways to do it on the collection notice - thinking that they really were obligated to pay it?

I’d bet the percentage is staggering. And the recurring funds into Playboy’s coffers reflects it very well, you can be sure. All because of:

A. Ignorance - people forgot what their original commitment was, and

B. Fear - people don’t want to be sued, especially by a giant like Playboy, or suffer a reduction on their credit score. Man, if that’s not predatory, I don’t know what is.

And I’m not a lawyer, but there’s got to be something going on here that, if not breaking the law, is either bending it to its extremes, using some obscure loophole, or both. It’s got to be harrassment at the very least, right? Here’s another example of predatory marketing, while I’m on the subject. Have you seen the new Plavix commercial? You know, the one where the hospital gurney is following this guy around, while the narrator is saying that if you’ve had a clot before, you have a blah, blah chance of dying from the next one or some such BS?

Listen, that is an IN YOUR FACE, OVERT threat to your life - if you don’t take their damned artificial, synthetic chemical, designed only to treat, NEVER to cure. They are essentially saying you are a walking dead man/woman if you don’t take their pill. And the government - AMA, FDA, FTC - just let them continue to threaten and monger fear in the populace. What’s wrong with this picture? How can they get away with this? Can you say greed? But don’t get me started on Big Pharma - this isn’t the right blog… Ok, so there’s your cautionary tale for the month. Take home points:

1. If you subscribe to anything - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually - record the details. Subscribe date, payment info, renewal info, etc. Keep a central file, Excel spreadsheet, etc. of all of your subscriptions, online and off.

2. Take extra time to read all of the small print. Especially regarding your exact monetary commitment, the renewal process and re-billing options.

3. Consider using a check for most offline subscriptions. That way, you can’t be re-billed without your consent.

I’d love to hear some examples of predatory practices you’ve seen or experienced - both online and off. Hopefully this will help some people avoid the stress and hassle this caused for me.