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Recently, I came across a product I wish I had known about much sooner. I believe any and all people who use the internet will find this ebook to be of immense value to them in this age of not just information - but information overload. But before I get into the review, I want to ask you a few questions.

1. Do you have even the slightest idea of how many outstanding free resources are available out on the web that can help you with all areas of your life?

2. Do you know where to find them and how to use them to your greatest benefit?

3. Have you mastered processing and organizing the information and communications you are bombarded with on a daily basis?

My guess is, your answer to each of the three questions is “no”. Well, don’t beat yourself up about it. Few of us could honestly say yes to any, let alone all three of those questions. However, there are some people who seem to have a knack for finding all of those sites and capitalizing on the benefits they offer. The author of the ebook I’m about to tell you about is exactly that sort of person. His name is Derek Franklin and he’s actually a published author for Adobe Press. In case you didn’t know who Adobe Press is, here’s a blurb from their site:

“Adobe Press is a world leader in high-quality books for visual communicators and the official source of training materials for Adobe software. Best known for the best-selling Classroom in a Book series, Adobe Press publishes instructional and inspirational books at all learning levels.”

So he’s a technical writer for mainly non-technical people. And that’s what makes his handbook such a gem.It’s a 200-page PDF called the Web Genius Handbook that’s chocked-full of tips about how to use and find things on the web that you probably never knew about, but could really use.

And in the event you have heard about some of them, chances are you aren’t using them - at least not to their full potential. It’s like cracking open a book on how to use Photoshop, a very complicated graphics program, but be able to understand and follow along with ease and quickly produce some beautiful graphics because of how well the manual is written. This guide is much the same. He begins the massive handbook with chapter after chapter of insider’s lessons on how to use all the features of the Mighty Google. And believe me, there are a LOT of features Google offers that can improve the way you communicate, locate and receive information, store and categorize it. In short, make life easier. This series of short chapters are an education in themselves.

Then he gets into RSS feeds, widgets, software applications, advanced information searching using various search engines (not just Google), advanced keyword research(perfect for entrepreneurs/marketers), free phone service, finding images, audio, video, news, articles, blogs, government archives, maps/places, etc., etc. Though the handbook is weighted heavily toward Google, it provides a whole bunch of links and “IQ Boosters” to other online resources. And speaking of IQ Boosters, they are what he’s named his chapters - and there are 97 of them in this well-written and exhaustively thorough volume!

I can’t imagine anyone but the most geeky of the geeky among us not getting some real insights into the inner workings of the web - particularly finding what we are looking for - from the Web Genius Handbook. And if you are doing business online, there are some real gold nuggets in here for you. Regardless of who you are, if you use the information in this book, you’ll leave the folks who aren’t using it looking like they are still using typewriters - really.

File this under the “how to impress people” (including yourself) category…In summary, this is one of the few ebooks I’ve bought (out of hundreds) that is so packed with useful information I honestly feel I paid too little for it. And the bonuses he is including when you buy the book are worth more than he’s asking for the book itself.

No, this blog wasn’t abandoned…

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Hey there, I know, I’ve been away for awhile… But not intentionally. I was locked out of my own blog for several weeks. And rather than hire someone to figure out the problem, I was determined to do it on my own. This isn’t my only Wordpress blog, after all. And I don’t have a “team” to handle things like this. Soon, perhaps. Chances are, it’s me. At least for small issues like this.

So, after lots of searching around the support section, punctuated by frequent distractions and detours, I upgraded (via FTP, I couldn’t get into the admin) to version 2.5.1. But this time I compared my original htaccess file to the existing one and saw a lot of extra stuff on the existing one. By simply replacing that file, all’s good to go again. Whew! Sure wish I knew how that file got weird stuff written on it… Not that scripts don’t have glitches and good hackers can get into pretty much everything. I just want to know if it was one of those or something else. Good thing it’s only happened once. Let’s hope it’s the last time, too!